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To build, nurture and grow a first-rate global I.T. services & products company that will:

  • Present our colleagues and associates with not just a workplace, but with the opportunity to attain their dreams and enrich their lives.
  • Provide our clientele with solutions that not only address their business needs, but also reveal untapped possibilities.
  • Grant our stakeholders good returns on investment as well as unequaled pride of ownership.
  • Offer our global communities a helping hand in contending with social and economic degeneration.
  • Promote technology in all walks of life, as well as conduct proactive research & studies.
  • Be a role model for vision-driven companies everywhere.
  • We strive to be distinctive in every facet of work and life.
  • People matter most. Because more than just a company, we are a community of professionals with a common purpose.
  • TechPeople belongs to those who choose to make it their own.
  • We believe that a true “professional” is a technician who cares, and that professionalism is mainly an attitude and not a set of competencies.
  • Money is not our prime motivation, because both money and professional satisfaction are consequences of being truly professional. Instead we take a sincere and genuine interest in solving clients’ problems.
  • We touch lives. We enrich and add value to every facet of our team members’ lives.
  • We promote enjoyment at work.
  • We provide Equal Opportunity for all to be their best.
  • We provide Security. We stick together in bad times.
  • We create an atmosphere of continual learning and self-improvement.
  • We pursue Excellence, not just competence.
  • We take Uncommon Pride in our work, because that’s our signature.
  • We listen.
  • We embrace Technology.
  • We are a 24-hour company.

Every TechPeople team member speaks IT. We understand how IT professionals think. We get IT culture. But even more importantly, we deliver candidates who understand how to solve business challenges from an IT perspective. When you partner with TechPeople, you gain access to:

  • The breadth, scale and experience of a national consulting firm, combined with the agility and intimacy of a boutique firm.
  • Business-focused IT staffing solutions that combine flexibility, accountability and value.
  • Proven processes for finding, attracting, on-boarding and retaining top talent
  • Tools, infrastructure, people and processes designed to help you leverage your IT talent to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Talented, motivated IT consultants with in-demand skill sets who understand IT’s role in achieving business goals.

People First

Employee and Consultant attrition is below 10% in 15 years. This statistic is far below the national standards.

Satisfied Clients

Over 500 satisfied clients which includes Fed Gov, Fortune 100 companies in USA and overseas.

Contractors Placed

We have placed over 1000 consultants in the last 15 years in the US and overseas.


Time and time again, TechPeople have been felicitated by the clients as most sincere and conscientious Supplier / Provider.
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More than Just Business

Good Clients
Great Reviews

Client appreciation is more than just providing exceptional service. ... Client appreciation extends past the results we provide and aims to builds loyalty and develop strong relationships. Beyond making customers feel special, it provides credibility that serves to build confidence for all future clients.

TechPeople is a valued partner that focuses on our strategic needs with a clear understanding of our objectives and a sound foundation of knowledge in higher education practices. They don’t just focus on the short term deal but a long term commitment to helping us succeed.

Tech Mahindra

TechPeople has a dedicated account team that understands our business challenges and consistently provides proactive support.


I’m very happy to say Morgan Stanley, specifically my account team, have developed a collaborative working relationship with Jeff and his team.  They have behaved in a very positive manner, much more than a supplier, but as a valued partner to Tech M

Jean P.
Morgan Stanley
USA: 847 888 1927
LT: 224 764 1649

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    USA: 224 764 1649
    LT: 224 764 1649

    Connect with us

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      Copyright by TechPeople USA. All rights reserved.

      Copyright by TechPeople USA. All rights reserved.