IT projects require highly specialized skills and can benefit tremendously from an infusion of the latest technical abilities.

In an economic scenario where manpower crunch is a critical factor that decides a company’s IT strategy, it becomes inevitable for CIOs to organize their IT resources with scalable and economic solutions. This is where TechPeople steps in by offering a flexible engagement model that enables the top management to make the right decisions. As a trusted partner, TechPeople sources the ideal IT talent and benefits the organization tremendously.

We closely work with your team to understand your IT resource requirements, arm you with logistical efficiency in planning, acquiring and optimizing talent in every employment opportunity in line with your business objectives. Our strategy planning team defines the objectives, identifies the areas at various levels and equips you with a team to source the talent that fits the role while optimizing the cost, giving you an added advantage of narrowing down the available choices.
IT Sourcing


TechPeople is a full-service IT Staffing and IT Recruiting Firm providing contract, contract-to-hire, direct-hire, and payroll services.

TechPeople USA helps organizations find, attract and retain top-tier IT Consultants who understand how to solve business challenges from IT perspective.

For IT Professionals, we provide access to challenging career opportunities at Fortune 1000 companies.

Our Permanent and Direct Hire services leverage the breadth of our HR experience to assess, attract and appoint the best talent across industries. Our presence in multiple locations – US, UK & Canada enables our recruiters to act effectively in resource mobilization and deployment.

Our screening policies are not only well-defined but also well-established and our experience in current technologies gives us a comprehensive understanding of the complex, varied consulting needs of our clients

  • This model allows the employee a greater understanding of the company environment
  • This model makes the employee a natural fit and allows him/her to achieve operational excellence
  • It makes the employee have fulfilling work relationships that result in superior performance and faster growth

Our Contract to Hire employees go through regular interviews, reference checks and testing in advance, just like other temporary employees. At the end of the contract, our clients have the option to hire the assigned employee. This allows the client to try out a key resource before making a full-time hire. It also creates valuable synergies for the employee if he is looking for a long-term assignment. Advantages for the Employer:
This model shrinks the time required to find and screen a new applicant. This translates to definitive metrics on cost and time savings.
It allows them to respond quickly to internal requirements and bring on board employees who are pre-qualified and familiar with the company culture.


Resume Screening and Telephonic Interviews. Electronic skills matching. Evaluation and verification of skills.


Online Testing and Evaluation of Skills. Technical Interview by Subject Matter Expert.


We submit resume to the manager or upload the profile in the Client Portal. This process is preceded by rigorous due-diligence on our part. We stand-by our submission.


Candidates upon selection are checked thoroughly. Reference Checks / Background Checks are mandatory. Once these protocols are met then we upload the candidate for Onboarding.
More than Just Business

Good Clients
Great Reviews

Client appreciation is more than just providing exceptional service. ... Client appreciation extends past the results we provide and aims to builds loyalty and develop strong relationships. Beyond making customers feel special, it provides credibility that serves to build confidence for all future clients.

TechPeople is a valued partner that focuses on our strategic needs with a clear understanding of our objectives and a sound foundation of knowledge in higher education practices. They don’t just focus on the short term deal but a long term commitment to helping us succeed.

Tech Mahindra

TechPeople has a dedicated account team that understands our business challenges and consistently provides proactive support.


I’m very happy to say Morgan Stanley, specifically my account team, have developed a collaborative working relationship with Jeff and his team.  They have behaved in a very positive manner, much more than a supplier, but as a valued partner to Tech M

Jean P.
Morgan Stanley
USA: 847 888 1927
LT: 224 764 1649

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    USA: 224 764 1649
    LT: 224 764 1649

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      Copyright by TechPeople USA. All rights reserved.

      Copyright by TechPeople USA. All rights reserved.